Business Connector

Do you need help building your business network and finding the right connections that will prove to be both useful and generate revenue or reduce costs?

How have you been finding contacts that support your business plan and fit with your way of doing business?

My name is Clare Gillbanks and I offer a range of services that include

  • marketing support
  • business development
  • professional introductions
  • qualified connections

If you are a business owner you will no doubt be juggling a number of priorities and tasks. Everyone values quality referrals and it can feel like a full time role finding and qualifying them for your own business can’t it?

I meet enough people every month who attend my events or connect with me. that I am in an advantageous position to generate qualified leads amongst my network.


What can I help you with?

✓ Qualified Leads

✓ Valuable Connections

✓ Credible Introductions

✓ Hosted Events

✓ Business Development

✓ Virtual business networking

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